"Powerful 7-step trauma purification process: authentic inner healing & deliverance “God’s Way” for wounded souls"
Release multi-dimensional strongholds in a "no-fluff" Biblical way with GOD at the center. Remove all entry points of the enemy's sneaky tactics, find missing links, & uncloak trauma, keeping you stuck in bondage of sin week by week!

This root wound purification process teaches the art of letting go - Renew your mind, body & soul for authentic healing so you can take back your fractured health & cultivating thriving relationships!
“He heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds” (Psalm 147)

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“Heal my Soul Wounds” is not your typical trauma recovery program.  It's a high cost to follow wholeheartedly. Therefore, this metamorphic program is based on extensive trials, God’s Word, prayer, and designed & structured by God. The Holy Spirit is heavenly involved in the healing process, a true partnership as God’s vessel to bring prophetic utterances through the word of knowledge and spirit of discernment.

In this private hybrid program~ you'll get live sessions with Melia and weekly modules packed with Biblical principles, Kingdom mindset & godly counsel. BUT That's not all... Learn about spiritual warfare, inner healing, deliverance, and problematic soul wounds.

As Melia partners with the Holy Spirit, her encouraging prophetic edge will release truthful revelations, getting to the true “ROOT” of why your relationships, health, and healing progression are out of alignment and can’t progress. Finally, break-free of trauma, erratic emotions, pain, strongholds, barriers, blocks and so much more…


2 private sessions with Melia (Basically pays for itself!)

Stronghold Survey included.

Over 5 hours Audio Teachings on a Interactive Private Platform

Module 1: Expose the Light Interview 

 Module 2: Spirit of Trauma & Unforgiveness

Module 3: Recognizing Brain, Body & Soul Pain

 Module 4: Identifying Old Patterns & Soul Wounds

Module 6: Soul Wounds & Closing Open Doors

Module 7: Deliverance & Declaration to God

Additional sub-modules through audio + videos  + downloads + student perks...

Module 5: Discover Toxic Triggers & Demonic Entry Points

Get additional support with Workbook, Reflection Time Questions, Stronghold List & Prayer & PDF's

Prayer activations & ability to submit questions & get back real feedback

Over $600 worth of goodies stuffed in this course

Vertical Relationship Academy Courses included

Exclusive Student Discounts for a limited time

This Signature program is worth more than $3,500+

And much more...

Claim your spot NOW: I'm Opening "Heal my Soul Wounds" Signature Program to a self-paced private platform!

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This root wound purification process teaches the art of letting go – Renew your mind, body & soul for authentic healing so you can take back your fractured health & cultivating thriving relationships!

Get set FREE from demonic torment!

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The problem is

  • Have you participated in repeated prayer, fasting, church seminars, and/or false healing methods “tried all the things” with no/ little freedom?
  •  Are you crying out to God to change certain areas of your life & NOT reaping fruitful results?
  •  Is your personal and/or professional life feeling stagnant, confusing, and draining, causing discord in your relationships?
  •  Are there uncontrollable fears, repetitious behaviors patterns & toxic emotions that you “hoped” would stop? 
  • Have you tried doctors? medications, alternative therapies and/or invested in under qualified counsel… without success?
  •  Other areas of Concern: Unforgiveness, Divorce, Abuse, Trauma, Grief, Depression, Addictions, Narcissistic/Abusive Relationships: (Dating & Marriage), Fear, Self-Worth & Insecurity Issues, Anxiety.

   Don't take it from me

This is for the no-nonsense Christian who is fully committed & ready, with no hesitation, go “NEXT"

LEVEL” with Jesus.

who this is for

Squirmy & sleezy tricks and gimmicks, “law of attraction, behavior modifications, pseudo doctrine, and false healing methods" that don't work!

 Ready for challenges that bring new levels, break strongholds, & bring balance back into your health and relationships!

Equip yourself from enemy's tactics, spiritual warfare & have authentic breakthroughs~!

Break the repetitious cycles- fighting constantly with your spouse & out in the dating world attracting the wrong men and women!

Desire to work exclusively with an anointed vessel based on Biblical principles- “Gods Way” and not man’s way!

who this is "not " for

Not ready for change, transformational healing & uncomfortable TRUTH!

Not willing to take up my ARC METHOD (accountability, responsibility & commitment) and do some hard work!

 You think you’re “all good” and there’s no desire for improvement or becoming the best version of self!

 If you love staying complacent or fearful to try things outside of your comfort zone!

All trauma is an open door for demonic torment and until you come head-to-head with the skeletons in your closet (strongholds/barriers) – your relationships, health, and healing progression stay stagnant & never progress forward. YUCK!


You also get over $650 worth of goodies stuffed into

this program!    

My Life Balance Journal!

breakdown each step provides

  Value of over $3,500 +
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